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So you own a Weloop Tommy smartwatch and want to update it to the latest firmware?

Easy as pie!

Update 2014-10-23
3.15 (beta) was released. You can get it using the links below.
Just download and install it.
There’s no need to switch to OTA mode anymore, since the app will push the firmware to the watch by itself.

Original Post:
In my case, I wanted to update from 3.11 stable to 3.14 beta.
You’ll find the firmware on the interwebz or download it from here (Android) or here (iOS).

After you removed the old app from your phone, install the new one and connect your watch.

You then have to put your watch into OTA mode. Do this by connecting it to the charger and push all 3 buttons on the right side until the screen of the watch becomes blank.
Release the upper and lower button and keep holding the middle one until the watch goes into OTA mode.
This might take up to 10 seconds. Be patient.

Under some circumstances you’ll have to reconnect your device after switching it into OTA mode.

Back in the app navigate to „Check For Update“ and let it check the version.
If there’s a newer release, you should be able to tap on „Upgrade“ and confirm the pop-up.
The smartwatch will start downloading the new firmware.

It took me 3 or 4 attemps to reach the full 100 percent, but after that, my watch was updated to 3.14 and was running more stable than before.

Good luck!


Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any damage on your devices. You do this on your own risk.

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